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Our club has been part of the British Judo Association for nearly 30 years and has produce many fine Judoka

All our coaches are fully qualified and DBS checked.

Judo is a close contact sport combining Nage Waza (Throwing) and Osaekomi Waza (Holding) techniques. For Senior players there are also Kansetsu Waza (Arm Locks) and Shime Waza (Strangles).

The word Judo means the Gentle Way. Unlike most other martial arts the aim of judo is not to harm or injure but to take control of your opponent. Strikes and kicks are not allowed but it is still a very  physical sport and excellent for all round fitness and self defence.Your first session is free so there are no excuses not to try.

Jackets and belts can be borrowed but please wear jogging bottoms and T-shirt.
6.00pm- 7.00pm   5-12 Years
7,00pm- 8.30pm 13+ Juniors and Seniors
6.00pm-7.00pm Juniors          

Juniors £5.00  Seniors £6.00

Hope to see you soon

Paul Vince Chairman